General rules

Fitness Helsinki encourages all men and woman meeting the eligibility requirements to participate. 

  • We welcome all  beginners and competitors of any ethnicity or decent to compete with us.
  • Contestants must be at least  18 years of age of any decent
  • Contestants can compete in any event from any city or country around the World. Some countries may require an official VISA invitation letter for immigration purposes.
  • Annual membership fee is mandatory as well as competition registration fees, see registration form.
  • Signed application registration and release forms (available through the Fitness Helsinki website).
  • If you have any question please contact use


  • No alcohol is permitted at Fitness Helsinki event. This is not the image we want to portray. Athletes caught with alcohol will be disqualified.
  • All athletes are responsible for their personal belongings. Please be selective in regards what you bring to a show. The Finland Fitness group ltd or Fitness Helsinki will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • There is limited space backstage. There is no trainers, friends, family members or assistants allowed in the backstage area. Finland Fitness Group runs a professional show and therefore need everything to work efficiently backstage. Please have everything prepared before you arrive.
  • All athletes are expected to respect their fellow competitor, we want to create a positive atmosphere backstage where everyone can feel comfortable.  The Finland Fitness Group will not tolerate inexcusable behaviour backstage.  Please help out one another to make the whole event a positive and memorable event for all.

Skin, Tanning:

  • The Finland Fitness Group works with their official tanning partners to ensure their competitors are taken care of.
  • A tan that is not too dark or black is especially suggested.
  • A natural healthy look is what the goal should be for each contestant.
  • Email the Fitness Helsinki for more info Skin oils are noir allowed in Fitness Helsinki, for the stage safety reasons.

Footwear for All Fitness Helsinki Female Competitors:
There is now special rules about shoes. Choose footwear that is classy and coordinate with your outfit.  Fitness Helsinki recommends clear stiletto heels or skin toned heels.

Accessories to help compliment the outfit are accepted.  Also props for Sport Fitness routine round  as long as the competitor is able to bring the prop with her to the stage and off the stage.  Using people as props is not permitted in Fitness Helsinki event.

May be worn any style.

May be worn any style.

No thongs or g-strings allowed, suits must compliment your physique. Scrunch bottoms are permitted as long as they are fitted appropriately.

For Swimwear / Bikini  or Sportswear round  any classy shoes are allowed!

Competitor numbers:
Will be given out at the athletes meeting the evening before. Numbers should be placed on the right hip in order for judges to read competitors numbers clearly. If you are in two categories you will use the same number for each category.

Is needed for Sport Fitness open and kids