Sport Bikini rules

Women Division Open (Ages 18+)

Two Rounds:
Sportwear /Themewear round 50%
Bikini round 50%

As a Fitness Helsinki Sport Bikini we require female competitors to bring a creative , sporty themewear to the stage.  Different ideas may be, tennis player, swimmer, rugby  player. This is definitely a very creative and athletic round for the female delegates to display their physical beauty and conditioning.

Bikini suit can bee any colour pattern and style. As it is conservatively presentable. Thong style or any other inappropriate swimwear is absolutely not allowed.  Good advice is to choose bikini style that best compliments your physique

There are two equally scored rounds in the Sport Bikini category: Bikini and sportswear. In both of these rounds, competitors will be asked to come out on stage individually and walk to one points on the stage. During this walk, judges are looking for poise and confidence of the competitor.  On stage, competitors will execute 2-3 freestyle poses, perform any style of turn or have fun and play up their outfit in the case of the sportswear round. After individual walk, competitors will go of the stage to wait that all the competitors have done they individual walk. After that all competitors will line up in the middle of the stage. Once all competitors are in the lineup, they will all be asked to come forward and execute a series of quarter turns for the judges before leaving the stage.


a) Does the contestant have good to excellent muscle tone with clean, tight lines?

b) Does she physique appear evenly developed?

c) Does the lean muscularity of the upper/lower body create a balanced, sculpted appearance?

d) Does the contestant  now how to walk and stand?

e) Did he demonstrate the ability to perform outward?

f) Did he project her personality and creativity?

30%- Overall Marketability
20%- Stage Presence, Poise, Confidence

  • Examples of the type of look that an ideal Bikini Model competitor should possess can be found in magazines such as Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition, Victoria’s Secret. After reviewing these kinds of magazines, one will note the wide array of body types that would be suitable for this particular category.
  • Competitors should keep in mind that the judges are looking at them at all times. For this reason competitors should keep a positive attitude at all times.
  • In the event of a tie, the highest and lowest scores from the competitors in the tie will be dropped.
  • Competitors should try to match the colour of their face to their body with make-up, rather than competition tanning products. Facial spray tan is also a good option.
  • The use of moisturizers with shimmer, Body Butter, etc. is fine if a competitor would like to have a bit of sheen to their skin, however oils should not be used.
  • Bikinis must cover all critical body parts. Demerit points will be given to competitors who have bikinis that are too provocative (ie: thongs and G-Strings).
  • Try to always show confidence by keeping your head up and executing your turns and poses with surety. Remember in all subjective sports, poise and confidence will affect the way judges perceive you. Trainers, make-up artists, friends are not allowed backstage with the competitors. This is to prevent overcrowding in the dressing areas.
  • Tattoos, piercings, etc. are acceptable.
  • Practice walking in your heels to ensure you are able to walk confidently in them on stage.
  • Bikini bottoms should cover about 40% of the glutes while bikini tops should cover about 40% of the chest.  Significant deviations from this will cause demerit points to be assessed to the competitor.