Sport Model Women´s rules


Women Division (Ages 18+)

Two Rounds:
Sportswear round  50%
Swimwear round 50%

In the sportswear round, competitors may select anything from a sporty outfit to a yoga outfit to a sport themed costume. There is a lot of room for creativity as long as the outfit looks “sporty” or sports related. Judges are looking at the competitor’s physique and how the chosen outfit compliments the competitor’s physique.

This round will be performed in a two piece swimsuit and high heels. Judges will be looking for symmetrical sporty physiques. Poise and confidence of the competitors is important as is attractiveness and presentation. No regulations for bikini or shoes style.

There are two equally scored rounds in the Sport Model category semifinals: swimwear and sportswear. In both of these rounds, competitors will be asked to come out on stage individually and walk to 3 predetermined points on the stage. During this walk, judges are looking for poise and confidence of the competitor. The style of walk is important as this is a model competition so the competitor should walk accordingly. At each of the 3 points on stage, competitors will execute 1-2 freestyle poses, perform any style of turn or have fun and play up their outfit in the case of the sportswear or costume round (example: if the competitor dresses in a baseball outfit, they may pretend to swing a bat or catch a ball etc.). After all 3 points are hit, competitors will go of the stage to wait that all the competitors have done they individual walk. After that all competitors will line up in the middle of the stage. Once all competitors are in the lineup, they will all be asked to come forward and execute a series of quarter turns for the judges before leaving the stage.

Sport Model competitors should have a very sporty but healthy looking body and most off all they should love to be front of camera. Ideal look for female Fitness Models, competitors can refer to a magazine such as Fit or Shape. After referring to many of the Sport Models you will see, there is no one ideal level of musculature or body fat; it is what looks best in relation to the competitors’ skeletal frames.

The Fitness Helsinki will be judging on their sporty style, marketability and stage presence; Female models will also be judged on their ability to display their character, style and self-confidence.

Females will be expected to show off their physical attributes, that project a fit and healthy lifestyle; A healthy looking body is the look that is wanted.

30%- Overall Marketability
20%- Physique
50%- Stage Presence